23 May 2018

| General

The newspaper El Mundo, through its Fuera de Serie magazine, has evaluated the ice cream sector, and presented a selection of 25 outstanding new treats for the summer. Ice Cream Factory took first place for the second year in a row with the “Mini Granelito Vanilla & Pecan Nuts” by Central Lechera Asturiana.

Ten (a third of the total) of the 25 market leaders are produced by Ice Cream Factory. Our “Mini Granelito Vanilla & Pecan Nuts” by Central Lechera Asturiana took the top spot because of its “delightful salted butter flavour contrasting with vanilla and pecans”. In their analysis, the critics said that our product, “makes the palate happy”.

Third position went to our “Berry Fruit Polar Supreme” by Hero, described as “one of the season’s best sorbets”, with a “very pronounced berry flavour, pleasant texture and moderate amount of sugar”. To satisfy new market demands, the product is also gluten free.

The top five in this ranking also includes our “iChoc Intense Caramelo”, classified as a “product for adults”, underlining that the iChoc brand is an innovative product range made with selected raw ingredients.

There are a further seven of our products on the list that cover a broad range of possibilities. From the classics (like our traditional cream sandwich), cones (with a special mention for the “tasty, crunchy wafer”), to the kids’ range, highlighted for being healthy and tempting for the little ones.

These positive results ratify the high quality and pleasure of eating good ice cream.