23 May 2018

| General

The El Mundo’s colour supplement reviews the top 50 ice creams on the market in its Fuera de Serie (extraordinary) section. ICFC is ranked top of the list with its iChoc Origins Madagascar.

In fact, 14 Ice Cream Factory products were classified among the 50 best on the market. A test panel of chefs and critics rated each ice cream based on composition, presentation and volume, as well as visual quality, texture, aroma and taste. To tackle the complex task of evaluating them from a critical, objective perspective, samples were divided into three categories: sorbets, creams and chocolates. In the chocolates category, Ice Cream Factory took the three top positions. We took first place with iChoc Origins Madagascar, described as an ice cream for “chocoholics” followed by iChoc Origins Ecuador, with a noteworthy “creamy inside”, and in third place iChoc Style Belgium, a ground-breaking snack concept in mini-cone format – “high quality with a crunchy touch”. In the sorbet category, our Fruti Helados Hero, were described as “more home made than the competition, with less ice and more fruit”.

In the creams category, our iChoc Style taste of London mini-cones did well, containing the type of toffee so popular with the British, “an excellent ice cream for Anglophile sybarites”. As well as the above, Ice Cream Factory was high in the ranking in other ranges such as fruit sorbets, mini double-coated bonbons, cones and duo sandwiches, underlining the high quality of all our products.

Source: El Mundo colour supplement. Expansión. Section. Fuera de serie.

By María Corisco.