23 May 2018

| général

Alimarket, the leading financial/market information content generator in Spain, has announced Ice Cream Factory’s position as the country’s number one ice cream manufacturer for the second consecutive year.

Ice Cream Factory is the top Spanish ice cream manufacturing company for the second year in a row, and is the only company to have grown in both volume (6.8% more litres of ice cream manufactured than in 2013) and value (sales expressed in euro, up by 8.4% compared to 2013).

The Ice Cream factory drives its domestic and international growth through innovation.  As a result of all this hard work and innovation, last May an Ice Cream Factory product was named Great Britain’s best ice cream in a study commissioned by The Grocer, a British food industry magazine, and carried out by Cambridge Market Research.

The winning ice cream in the Food and Drink Winner 2015 award was 900 ml White Chocolate with Raspberry Ice Cream sold by Tesco under its own brand and manufactured by Ice Cream Factory.

The product received top marks in the market research study that looked in detail at concept, flavour, creaminess, textures, presentation and price.

The team at Ice Cream Factory is extremely proud of these achievements, and works tirelessly to supply the public with unique, innovative products.

The company would like to thank all its customers and suppliers for their ongoing support, which has made this possible.