23 May 2018

| En vedette

For the fourth consecutive year, Alimarket, the leading financial/market information content generator in Spain, announced that Ice Cream Factory is number one ice cream manufacturer in the land.

Once again, Ice Cream Factory has taken the top spot as Spain’s leading ice cream manufacturer.

The company’s prospects for growth for this 2017 campaign are a turnover of more than 113 million euros, and 73 million litres of ice cream.


The Ice Cream factory drives its domestic and international growth through innovation. Among other achievements, for the second consecutive year it has won the prize for Britain’s best ice cream, the Q Award (Quality Food Awards).


At a national level, ICFC, through its Gelato Cremoso brand, has established cooperation agreements with leading brands like Central Lechera Asturiana and Hero, creating an extensive range of products for the restaurant, catering and impulse channels.


The team at Ice Cream Factory works tirelessly to supply the public with unique, innovative products.