23 May 2018

| Generale

This week Ice Cream Factory took part in the PLMA international trade fair in Amsterdam.

This international trade fair is the most important for distributor own-brands and attracts distributors and manufacturers from all over the world.

At this edition, Ice Cream Factory was there with an original stand with a modern, welcoming and charming touch. Inspired by a New York bistro café, Ice Cream Factory emphasised simplicity and freshness by exhibiting its ice creams in an original, natural way with all the raw materials used to manufacture them…., milk, fruit, chocolates and nuts of course!

Yet again this year, Ice Cream Factory popped on a pinny and under the slogan “United Dreams of Ice Cream”, it invited customers to create their own ice creams.

For the first time this year, the Ice Cream Roll Machine was there to create a stir when customers ‘cooked’ their own ice creams and presented them as never seen before.

A fun experience appreciated by customers and the Ice Cream Factory team alike.